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 "F-105 III differs from his previous EP by incorporating pop-punk and ethereal sounds. With the world in an unprecedented period of change, Din sought to explore what is left behind for younger generations, which is most evident in the groovy yet cerebral lead single Toys.”


"The EP [F015 II Side B] is so acoustic and folky that we found ourselves wanting to feature it here... the themes of the album relate to self-reflection, the places we’ve gone in our lives and one’s place in the universe" 

"Finally Found a Way from F-105 11: Side B: is really a grade A tune that both rocks and rolls, and all with little more than an acoustic guitar and a lot of heart.  It will put a spring in your step"
- PHIL TAYLOR, Erin Radio 91.7 FM Music Director

“Evergreen made me feel instantly uplifted. It reaches in and instills hope, it has the same effect for me as The Beatles ‘Let It Be’, comforted that things will be ok. Meaningful and beautiful. Also, Shades of Neil Young and Bono”
– KATE MATUSZEWSKI, President, Elliot Lake Entertainment Series

"Love what I'm hearing. The singer-songwriter genre is sadly lacking these days. 'Evergreen' has a full on James Taylor vibe, and 'If I Were About To Die' is more contemporary - love the message and backing vocal call and response."

– JAIMIE VERNON, The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia

"I'm listening to Finally Found A Way and this is a real deal folk-rock jam!"

"If I Were About To Die incorporates intriguing vocal harmonies, and Finally Found A Way features a nice fat sound with acoustic guitar and harmonica playing a swingy groove. Bull Out Of The Gate has a country rock edge to it.

Evergreen is the lead track, a love song with a northern geography woven into the words. The song is not afraid to situate itself along the Canadian Shield or Muskoka Waters, like the steadfast evergreen of its title."
– ANYA WASSENBERG, Art and Culture Maven

"Loved 'Rebel Girl', and the timely message of the chorus. Really dug the bass line, the octave vocals, and that keyboard solo, total Ray Manzarek vibe/ Break on Through, yeah! The 80s alt 60s acid vibe fits the rebellious spirit nicely."

 DAVID W. COLLINS, Lucasfilm / The Soundtrack Show host

"F105 is exactly what you’d expect from a band who’s stolen their name from the most mysterious elements of Canadian aerospace myth and legend [CF-105 Avro Arrow]. Like its name sake, F105 brings the listener on a journey that is sleek in design, cutting the edge of all sonic barriers before them and landing the listener in the heart of every matter they’ve put to tape, track after track. One part geek-dom, one part rock and one part solid musicianship, equate to an album that pushes the listener into the stratosphere of the new can-pop-rock landscape."
– STEVE KRAUS, CKLU 96.7 FM Sudbury ON

"I just really like this artist" 

"Din's vocals are raw and expressive. 'Viljo and Elsa' is a highlight of the album, a mesmerizing waltz about Finnish immigrants coming to Canada" 
– ANYA WASSENBERG, Art and Culture Maven

"Very cool!!!! [Rebel Girl]" 

"Two years is a long time to wait for an album, but I can promise you, F-105 was worth the wait. The music is always enjoyable and I love how he blends vocal sounds.  Din’s lyrics are sometimes fun, sometimes serious and always thought-provoking."

– MELISSA MINNERS, G-Pop album review








Fresh off the heels of his loose acoustic-folk EP, Toronto based artist F-105 is back with a new EP – simply titled F-105 III.  With the help of the acclaimed producer Marc Meriläinen (aka Nadjiwan), F-105 III differs from his previous EP by incorporating pop-punk and ethereal sounds.


Din (with his raw, expressive vocals) is the talent behind F-105. With the world in an unprecedented period of change, Din sought to explore what is being left behind for younger generations, and this is most evident in the groovy yet cerebral lead single “Toys”. This lead track is Din’s response to learning of experiments seeking to digitized human consciousness, to transfer into a computer and eventually a synthetic body.


 “Not Special” is a comforting letter to a friend, which Din explains “is about someone I care about very much, also in the music industry, who once said she wasn't special because she wasn’t famous. That broke my heart, and I put that feeling into a song. We are creating a world where young people value themselves based on things like how many likes or followers they have.”


The theme begins with Din’s hand drawn album cover of his niece and concludes with the final energetic track “Songs for our Kids”, which perfectly expresses the theme in the lyric “All we gave them is the end of the world, they don't want to sing our song no more."


After workshopping the songs in both Toronto and Victoria BC, and receiving positive feedback from audience members, Din will be embarking on a solo California tour, followed by Ontario tour dates with his band to support the album release. Din has been delighted to see some of his former songs like “Rebel Girl” connect with younger audiences at live shows, and hopes that these three new songs will continue to resonate.

F-105 III is recorded and released by Meriläinen Müsic Inc.
PR Contact:  laura (at) merilainenmusic (dot) com

Highlights and Press

• F-105 III interview with Din at

'Evergreen' nominated for best 'Folk' video at the 2022 Canadian Independent Music Video Awards February, 2022

• Din to present The DIY Hero's Journey panel at Toronto ComiCon 2022 with performances from F-105 March 18, 2021
• F-105 journey into 'Outer Space' - Fantha Tracks May 4, 2021  
• Commerical radio debut of F-105 II: Side B on Erin Radio 91.7 FM  March 28, 2021
•  F-105 II: Side B feature article in Roots Music Canada   March 2021

•  'Outer Space (I'm Coming Home)' debuts on Skywalking Through Neverland, The Star Wars Underworld, and Culture Slate  podcasts  March 2021
• F-105 II: Side B review by Art And Culture Maven  March 17, 2021

• Songs from F-105 II: Side B makes college radio debut on CIUT (Toronto), Radio Crown (Baltimore), CFRU (Guelph), CHRW (London ON) Feb/Mar 2021, and Desert Planet Disks (Podcast) etc.  February/March 2021

• Din's panel on the Hero's Journey in his songwriting at the first ever virtual Star Wars festival  August 2020

•  Story of debut album song 'Viljo And Elsa' featured in Finish-Canadian cultural magazine  October 2019

•  'F-105 First Flight World Tour' concluded with four shows in at Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 - video

• Debut album featured on 94.9 CHRW London Ontario  January 2019

• Din hosted CIUT 89.5 FM 'Ruby Slippers' show in Toronto, incl. F-105 songs  October 2018

• Completed F-105 First Flight World Tour (Leg 1). Entire tour video playlist here  September 2018

Canadian Beats F-105 album review  September 2018

Art and Culture Maven F-105 album review  August 2018

G-Pop F-105 album review  August 2018

• Performance at Skylight festival in London, Ontario  July  2018
• Rebel Girl plays with interview on national CBC radio with interview  July 2018

• Continued weekly feature of album tracks at CIUT FM Toronto  June 2018

• Rebel Girl debuts live with interview on Skywalking Through Neverland  March 2018
• Completed a 20 show solo tour, from Victoria BC to Orlando FL to workshop  F-105 songs  January-April 2017
• Din appeared live at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Podcast Stage  April 12, 2017

Live Highlights
• F-105 California Tour 2022 incl. live at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim May 26-June 2
• F-105 Live at Toronto ComiCon 2022 March 18, 2022

• F-105 Live in Victoria BC December 22, 2021
• F-105 Live at Finn Festival Canada 2021 June 21-25 2021

• F-105 Live at Skylight Festival Paris ON July 17 & 18, 2021

• F-105 live at Star Wars Celebration Chicago  2019
Full 'F-105 First Flight World Tour' Live YouTube Playlist  2018-2019
F-105 live at Star Wars Celebration Orlando  2017

•  Din sings at World Cup Of Hockey  2017

• Din performed on CHCH Morning Live in Hamilton with his group The Soles  February 15, 2017

• Din headlines Grace Hartman Amphitheatre, Sudbury ON with his group The Soles  August 2013

• Din sings at Vancouver Winter Olympics  2010







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