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"Loved Rebel Girl, and the timely message of the chorus. Really dug the bass line, the octave vocals, and that keyboard solo, total Ray Manzarek vibe/ Break on Through, yeah! The 80s alt 60s acid vibe fits the rebellious spirit nicely."

- DAVID W. COLLINS, Lucasfilm / The Soundtrack Show host

"F105 is exactly what you’d expect from a band who’s stolen their name from the most mysterious elements of Canadian aerospace myth and legend [CF-105 Avro Arrow]. Like its name sake, F105 brings the listener on a journey that is sleek in design, cutting the edge of all sonic barriers before them and landing the listener in the heart of every matter they’ve put to tape, track after track. One part geek-dom, one part rock and one part solid musicianship, equate to a band and album that push the listener into the stratosphere of the new can-pop-rock landscape." – STEVE KRAUS, CKLU 96.7FM

“Desert Planet is as infectious as the Rakghoul virus. I’m betting that by the end of 2018, F-105 are like Tatooine sand and get everywhere.”

- MARK NEWBOLD, Fantha Tracks 

"I just really like this band" - HOWIE ZOWIE, 94.9 CHRW London Ontario

“Rebel Girl is a great song! Love the harmonies and the bass beat!” - THERESA DELGADO, Fangirls Going Rogue

"Din's vocals are raw and expressive. Viljo and Elsa is a highlight of the album, a mesmerizing waltz about Finnish immigrants coming to Canada"

- Art and Culture Maven album review

"Very cool!!!! [Rebel Girl]" - BONNIE BURTON Author, CNET

"Rebel Girl is awesome! We loved It" - Skytalkers podcast


"Two years is a long time to wait for an album, but I can promise you, F-105 was worth the wait. The music is always enjoyable and I love how he blends vocal sounds in to create an additional musical voice.  Din’s lyrics are sometimes fun, sometimes serious and always thought-provoking."

- G-Pop album review

"I love Rebel Girl! The bass line is awesome, I couldn't stop tapping my feet!" 

- DAN ZEHR, Coffee With Kenobi

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About /

F-105 is a new project from Din (lead vocals and guitar), who sought new creative skies to explore, after completing his 15 year adventure with his band The Soles. Having played hundreds of shows and festivals across North America, and garnishing multi-national radio play on commercial and college radio.

The album’s first single ‘Rebel Girl/Desert Planet’ received wide coverage and critical acclaim with Din’s growing global Star Wars fandom fan base - with play and interviews on a wide variety of popular Star Wars podcasts. ‘Rebel Girl’ also made its debut on national CBC radio July 21 2018.

F-105’s 8 song debut album was a 2 year recording process. It continues to combine Din’s lyrical focus on mythology and hero's journey themes in songs like ‘Rebel Girl’ and ‘Desert Planet,’ along with an exploration of Canadian storytelling and myth making, in songs like ‘No Man’s Land and ‘Viljo & Elsa’. The latter song, with others like ‘October 1st’ and ‘Mileage’ push their alternative rock sound into fresh sonic territory with the use of the Finnish stringed kantele instrument – played by co-producer Marc Meriläinen, who also provided guitar and organ instrumentation on the record.  It was co-produced and mixed by another long-time collaborator Alex Mine, who also plays drums and percussion on the record. The self-titled F-105 album will be released July 27 2018, with a world tour to follow.

Highlights and Press /

•  Story of debut album song 'Viljo And Elsa' featured in Finish-Canadian cultural magazine (Oct '19)

  The 'F-105 First Flight World Tour' concluded with four shows in April at Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019. Live video

 Debut album featured on 94.9 CHRW London Ontario (Jan 5 '19) 

Din hosted CIUT 89.5 FM 'Ruby Slippers' show in Toronto, incl. F-105 songs (Oct 11 '18)

• Completed F-105 First Flight World Tour (Leg 1). Entire tour video playlist here (Sept '18)

Canadian Beats F-105 album review (Sept '18)

Art and Culture Maven F-105 album review (Aug '18)

G-Pop F-105 album review (Aug '18)

• Performance at Skylight festival in London, Ontario (Jul 27 '18))
• Rebel Girl debuts on national CBC radio with interview (Jul 21 '18)

• Continued weekly feature of album tracks at CIUT FM Toronto (Jun 21 '18)

• 'No Man's Land' video released. Featured at Fantha Tracks (UK)
• 2nd single 'Desert Planet' debuts on LA based podcast Skywalking Through Neverland, alongside its video release (Mar 15 '18).
• Desert Planet / Rebel Girl single featured at Fantha Tracks (UK)
• Desert Planet featured at retrozap.com and debuts live with interview on Skywalking Through Neverland (Mar 15 '18)
• Din completed a 20 show solo tour, from Victoria BC to Orlando FL to workshop and promote F-105 songs (Jan-Apr '17)
• Din appeared live at Star Wars Celebration 2017 Podcast Stage (On Fandom Awakens Radio), Orlando (Apr 12 '17)
• Rebel Girl featured on Jedi News Media website (UK)

• New single 'Rebel Girl' debuts to global audience on the popular Star Wars podcasts, Coffee With Kenobi Star Wars podcast and website, with interview , Skywalking Through Neverland, The Star War Underworld website  and more!


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